Sheffield Scrap Collections For All Your Tv’s, Computers & Plumbing

Scrap Metal Collections

a howarth scrap metal collections expert dressed in high visability yellow on sheffield pick ups in our scrap metal removal vehicle

If it’s time to clear out your old, unwanted metal based items we provide a free scrap metal collections & pick ups service in Sheffield for small or full loads.

No Limit

With no limit on the amount of scrap we take or the physical size of your scrap there’s no reason not to. just give us a call on 07864 309061 and we’ll do the rest.

Top Scrap Collections

We collect all your house hold part metal items for Sheffield scrap including broken television (tv) collections, your old computers and monitors along with any old charges and cabling. Free scrap collections available 6 days a week.

close up view of a large pile of typical sheffield scrap metal items from collections including childrens metal cars in red and white along with an old television tv and some old white metal gates
  1. Computer Based Devices
  2. Metal Sinks & Plumbing
  3. Old Metal Gates & Fencing
  4. Radiators & Piping
  5. Television Sets & Monitors
  6. Bikes & Scooters
  7. Stereo & Music Equipment
  8. Cables & Wires
  9. Boilers & Tanks

Bulky Items Collected

close up view of a howarth scrap metal expert dressed in high visibility clothing using a high speed cutting spinning disk tool to cut through some large too bulky to transport scrap metal girders left over from a home extension with sparks flying resembling a firework

Don’t worry if your scrap metal is long or bulky. We have on-site cutting equipment! Your local scrap collection team can collect your unwanted metal regardless and it’s still free.

We Do It All!

All scrap collections are carried out by our own team, employed directly by us and using our own vehicles and equipment so you can be sure who you are inviting to your property.

Help Moving Your Scrap

We can even collect your unwanted scrap metal based items from where they currently sit so you don’t have to lift a thing. Just get in touch.

Free Collections

distance side front corner photo of a howarth recycling team member unloading a scrap metal collections truck of all the days scrap removed from sheffields homes and commercial premises

Do you need your old, unwanted scrap metal removed? Stripped out and taken away from any location in Sheffield or Chesterfield? We are based in Sheffield so we are local to you and can take care of all the messy bit without you having to. No matter how much or how little scrap you have for collection we can sort it. You can be sure your scrap has been collected by a licensed, reputable company that will make sure your metals are recycled in accordance with the Environment Agency guidelines and recommendations.

Typical Coverage

We mostly cover: Hillsborough, Ranmoor, Crookes, Broomhill, Bradway, Hackenthorpe, Gleadless, Low Edges, Bradway, Greenhill, Abbeydale, Heeley, Gleadless, Dore, Totley, Manor Top and Woodseats local areas near me.

We cover all of Sheffield so we will be able to accommodate your scrap collection, just get in touch with one of our scrap team.

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

1 – Estimate Your Scrap

illustrated falling pile of scrap metal bars including copper aluminimum and steel at 30 degree angles to each other

Have a go at estimating how much your scrap collectively weighs and the space it might take to transport or just list the largest items you have for collection.

2 – Call The Experts

howarths old fasioned telephone illustration in black complete with dialer

Call us on Sheffield 07864 309061 or fill in our form and let us know what scrap metal you have for us and to book your preferred collection date & time.

3 – Put Out Your Scrap

distance front elevation illustration of a house with scrap metal items placed in a pile next to the path awaiting collection

On the arranged day just before your time slot, place your items so our scrap collections team can see them, but not on the path edge as you are liable if someone injures themselves. Also We often find the items have been removed by someone else resulting in a wasted journey for us.

Typical Scrap Collections

Electrical Scrap

close up view of home domestic black and grey computer electrical cables cioled up together in a very large pile awaiting collection

Just think of all those old chargers and mains cables you have in your wires drawer. The kids old computers and their old toys all collected for scrap and removed for free.

  • Televisions (T.V)
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computers
  • Old Hifi Stereo
  • Electronic Devices
  • Computer Monitors
  • Printers


photo close up of old plumbing scrap for collection including stainless steel single sink and tap along with copper pipesand silver fittings

Any unwanted scrap plumbing metals removed with absolutely no charge. From a few taps to your old bathroom and kitchen sinks, fixtures & fittings.

  • Sinks, Taps, Fittings, Tanks
  • Boilers
  • Metal Baths
  • Copper Pipes
  • Showers & Fittings
  • Immersion Tanks
  • Radiators

House Hold

photo of a large pile of unwanted house hold scrap metal items such as fixtures and bits of useless metal and panels along with vacuums and metal windows and doors

If you plan on calling us why not go through your house looking for items you no longer need? It’s a really great way to clear some space too.

  • Bicycles, Scooters, Bikes & Trikes
  • Sewing Machines
  • Wire Hangers
  • Vacuums Cleaner
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Metal Windows And Doors
  • RSJ’s

All Metal

a pile of illustrated scrap metal plates, pipes and bars with no background for a sheffield collection

We would be delighted to collect and rid you of your unwanted all or part metal items regardless of metal type or amount for scrap.

  • Lead (Roofing)
  • Sheet Metal: Copper, Aluminium, Steel & Iron
  • Iron Pipes
  • Metal Gates
  • Fencing
  • Stainless Steel

Garage & Garden

close up of old scrap metal tools and rails and floor grips with some angle iron and nuts and bolts and metal furniture from a home domestic garage for collection

It’s surprising how much we hoard knowing we will never use it, we don’t need it and it has little to no value. Just look around your garden and garage next time you are there.

  • Tools
  • Fencing: Chain Link And Wire
  • Barbecues & Grills
  • Aluminum Lawn Chairs
  • Lawn Mowers & Ride Mowers
  • Iron Furniture And Railings
  • Leisure And Sports Equipment
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