Get Your Commercial Sheffield Industrial Site Cleared For Free

Free Site Clearance In Sheffield

a howarth recycling pick up flat back vehicle being loaded from a jcb bucket emptying commercial site scrap into it

We provide convenient, reliable free commercial site clearance services for Sheffield & Chesterfield, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Our scrap men come to your site premises, load our vehicles with all your unwanted scrap and clear it away for free.

What About Site Safety?

a huge thick metal pipe laid on the ground at a commercial site with two howarth experts assessing health and saftey before lifting the pipe onto our truck

Peoples on site safety is paramount. So for our teams safety and yours we always strictly adhere to the highest standards of health and safety protocols.

Dress Code

All our team are uniformed and easily identifiable so you have complete confidence in who has access to your site premises.

Refrigerant Collections

Like any other company handling refrigerant based equipment we have to pay for the correct disposal of CFC refrigerant gasses. For Domestic pricing see our home fridge pick ups.

Commercial Fridge & Freezer Collection Prices
Commercial Small Fridge £50
Commercial Large Fridge £90
Commercial Freezer £50
Large Commercial Freezer £90
Air Con Free

Our Usual Customers

Our commercial site clearance services are usually for construction sites and businesses such as shops, restaurants & cafes, factories, industrial units, landlords and estate agents. We also provide free office clearances including computers and office desks and chairs.

Most Popular Clearances

  1. Building & Construction Site Clearance
  2. Industrial & Commercial Machinery
  3. Catering Equipment (cafe, restaurant & take always)
  4. Electrical and Electronic Equipment Disposal
  5. Metal Frames

Removed From Anywhere

We can clear your site or scrap your commercial vehicle regardless of it’s Sheffield location. Even from limited access sites. We provide site clearances out of these areas but there needs to be plenty of metal items to cover travel expenses and in some cases lodging expenses too.

Absolutely No Limits

There is no limit on how many metal based items we clear and we happily work for companies of any size including the public sector, corporate companies, schools and colleges all around the Sheffield & Chesterfield areas of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Give us a call on 07864 309061 to book your site clearance.

Why Choose Us?

Why Pay?

a howarth recycling site clearance expert loading very long unwanted scrap metal tube racking items from a commercial retail shop site

Dont pay a scrap metal site clearance company to clear your unwanted part metal items. We do the job without charge! There are no hidden charges and no limits on how much scrap we can clear. As long as your premises are located in Sheffield (South Yorkshire) or Chesterfield (Derbyshire) and your items are all or mostly metal your clearance and there are no fridge freezers will be free of any charge.

Need A Out Of Hours Clearance?

Available inside and outside normal working hours we can clear all your unwanted metal items from any site or premises within pre-arranged time scales to fit your requirements. We also offer a free on-site dismantling service if required.

photo side close up view of a howarth site dismantling expert using mechanical grinding equipment to cut through a metal framework construction ready for clearance from the site now it is no longer required

Our team dont just work Monday to Friday. We work around you and your needs

Fully Licensed

a crane lifting heavy industrial and commercial rusty looking very large oblong metal tanks onto the howarth scrap clearance truckrear photo of a howarth site expert loading unwanted scrap metal items into the back of a white van with both back doors wide open and partially laden with scrap metal a crane with a large rsj girder marked for scrap clearance hanging from a metal wire above our truck being lowered very slowly down for clearing

Licensed by Sheffield city council for commercial and industrial site clearances and office clearances our scrap metal company can quickly and efficiently clear all your full or part metal items for free and with minimal disruption to your working day. We also clear domestic home scrap items along with home appliances like washers and fridges too although please not a charge applies to fridge and freezer collections as this incurs a cost to us. Call or text us on 07864 309061 for more information.

What You Need To Know

1 – Work With Us

We can work with you and help you decide on the best solution for all your unwanted site scrap clearing.

2 – Metal & Rubbish Cleared

If you are dispensing with site scrap metals in quantity we may be able to clear your rubbish for free too. For more information call our site clearance team in Sheffield on: 07864 309061.

3 – Need Regular Collections?

For trade and commercial customers, we offer a regular collection service, as well as one off clearances from anywhere in Sheffield and Chesterfield, South Yorkshire & Derbyshire. Opting for a regular collection service is as simple as arranging a one-off site clearance.

Typical Sites Cleared

Catering Equipment

distance view phoyo of a medium sized pile of catering cafe chairs and electrical catering kitchen equipment

A charge for the removal of commercial fridges and freezers only, everything else is always free

  • Chairs
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Metal Fittings
  • Fridge Freezers (charge applies)
  • Tables

Building Sites Cleared

a howarths building site clearing expert clearing the last few building metal pipe items onto a scrap clearance truck

Sort a pile of metal and let us know. We will do the rest.

  • Structural Items Such As RSJ’s
  • Metal Piping
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Old Skips
  • Unwanted Scaffolding

Warehouse Clearance

close up of a large amount of metal chromed shelving rails in a huge pile along with old metal stock including pallet racking and chrome fixtures and fittings

From stock to fixtures we will happily collect.

  • Pallet Racking
  • Metal Shelving
  • Metal Fixtures
  • Old Metal Based Stock
  • Counter & Fixings

Factory & Industrial

close up view of a pile of typical factory and industrial site scrap metal including machinery being loaded into a white van by two howarths clearance experts

Small and large sized factories cleared out in no time.

  • Part Or All Metal Manufacturing Equipment
  • Industrial Processing Machinery
  • Metal Racking
  • Commercial Fittings
  • Industrial Cabinets
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