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Free Office Clearance In Sheffield

distance view of a large pile of office air ductings thick wide metal tubing being loaded onto a howarth office scrap vehicle and not that far off another complete clearance

We know you want that office clearing before you can sign back the building or install new computer equipment. This is why we clear out offices of all scrap super quick.

Want Everything Gone?

If you have a lot of metal based items we can usually clear everything free of charge. Even if there are some non metal based items.

Top Office Clearance

  1. Computers
  2. Computer Peripherals
  3. Filing Cabinets
  4. Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  5. Office Desks & Chairs

Fully Licensed

We are fully licensed by Sheffield & Chesterfield city councils for the removal and clearing of scrap from offices including computers and related equipment and scrap vehicles.
Our office team can quickly and efficiently clear all your unwanted office scrap for free. Give us a call on 07864 309061 to book your free office clearance.

Lets Work Together!

a huge pile of various items including pipes and multiple items of office equipment

Why not work together to determine the right course of action for us to clear out all your unwanted office computers, equipment and furniture? If your office is based at your home we can do a free home scrap collections service.

What If it’s Mostly Rubbish?

If your office clearance contains lots of rubbish and little metal we can still clear it for you. Unfortunately there will be a charge. Call us and tell us what metal and what non metal you require clearing and we will give you a free quote.

Outside Office Hours

distance view of office chairs tables filing cabinets and desks gathered in an office reception area for clearing by sheffields howarth recycling

If you need your offices clearing outside normal business hours no problem. We can schedule a date and time to suit you. Our uniformed team even work weekends and bank holidays so we are very flexible and can usually fit in your Sheffield office clear out without issues.

Need To Clear The Office Fast?

1 – Get In Touch

Tell us what your office clearance consists of and when we can get started.

2 – Organise It

Sort your unwanted office items for us or section them off if possible, if not don’t worry we can do it on the arranged day.

3 – Let Us At It!

We will organise the team size required and quickly remove your unwanted office items on the date and time you specify, including your old scrap office computers with no charge. Also see our other scrap metal services

Typical Offices Cleared

Computers Cleared Free

a large neat pile of old scrap unwanted computers in greys cremes and white colours stacked on top of each other awaiting howarths to clear them away at the scheduled time

We often clear out old unwanted computers (PC’s) and are always happy to collect, remove and recycle all your unwanted computer related equipment.

  • Computer Base Units
  • Computer Hard Drives
  • PC Screens
  • Computer Leads
  • Computer Hardware

Office Furniture

far distance view of an extremely large open office with lots of office furniture gathered together consisting of chairs desks cabinets and all being removed for free by howarths office furniture removal team

All your office furniture removed for free including metal and wood. We recycle or reuse your items where ever possible.

  • Office Chairs
  • Office Desks
  • Area Partitioning
  • Cabinets
  • Filing Cabinets

Office Ventilation Systems

distance view of a large pile of office air conditioning piping vents ducts grills and metal box tubes being loaded onto sheffields howarth recyclings collections vehicle

Due to the amount of metal in office air conditioning systems we are still able to offer removal & collection services with absolutely no charge.

  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Air Con Piping & Insulation
  • Air Ducts
  • Heat Exchanges
  • Air Vents

Fixtures & Fittings

close up of two howarth office clearing experts carefully dismantling and loading several large metal office fixtures and fittings onto our office flat back truck

If it’s got to go and its part or full metal based we will take away all your unwanted office fixtures.

  • Storage Cabinets
  • Metal Rails
  • Shelving Systems
  • Panelling
  • Metal Based Supports

Office Electricals

a small collection of typical office electrical items to clear out including printers shredders kettles and laminators all gathered together and now ready for collection and removal by us

From your unwanted kettle to old A.V equipment we can remove it all completely free of charge.

  • Kettles
  • Microwaves
  • Water Heaters
  • Water Coolers
  • Fridges (charge applies)
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